• Many(up to 256) patients monitoring are possible
  • Easy connection Central system
  • Freely display adjustment possibility
  • Convenient Bi-directional Control
  • Storage capacity for monitoring
  • Central monitoring system with LAN and Wireless LAN
  • Multi - waveform monitoring (Select three wave)
  • · ECG ( I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V1~V6), SpO2, RESP, 4IBP, EtCO2)
  • Multi – parameter monitoring
  • · HR, PR, NIBP, PVC, SpO2, 2-TEMP, EtCO2(INS, Exp) - Option

    Many(up to 256) patients monitoring are possible

  • Add Tap and increase bed number for patients simultaneous monitoring
  • 16 beds display 9 beds display(3×3): Option 4 beds display(2×2): Option

    Easy connection Central system

  • You can connect with patient monitor without special setting easily. (Auto)
  • Central selection that you want (Manual)

    Convenient Bi-directional Control

  • Bi-directional communication with VOTEM Patient monitor
  • ICON Description
    NIBP Go/Stop
    Alarm buttom
    Alarm setting
    Event data
  • Bi-directional communication about Alarm setting 3-wave change, wave speed
  • Alarm setting Wave select Wave speed

    Storage capacity for monitoring

  • Large storage capacity of the multi-waveforms and parameter monitoring
  • Max 30 day’s(720hours) save 200 saves per 1bed

    Central monitoring system with LAN & wireless LAN

  • Complete solution for LAN and wireless LAN networking.

    Printer out

  • You can see record history of Text Trend, Graphic Trend, EVENT, WAVE. You can print the data you see.
  • Text Trend Graphic Trend
    EVENT Viewer ( 2,000 EA save ) WAVE Reviewer ( 6 Day save )

    Accessory & recommended system

  • Accessory
    Item Picture Remark
    - VC2000 Program.
    - VC2000 Program Manual CD
    VC2000 LOCK KEY USB  
    HUB(100Mbps Over) Option
    OS Windows 10 (64Bit)
    CPU i7-8700 over
    RAM 16GB over
    SSD 500GB
    (SSD add space of 300GB over)
    LAN Card 100Mbps.
    LCD 24inch over
    Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel